1. All games shall be played in accordance with the “Laws of the Game of Rugby Football” and the rules and regulations of the Rugby Football Union.
  2. Clubs participating must pay a £30 bond to the league.
  3. There will be two leagues where teams will play both home and away. The exception to this is the top three teams of Division One who are taking part in the Northern Pilot League as well.
  4. The position of a Club in a league shall be established by awarding four League points for a win, two points for a draw and one point for a defeat. In addition, bonus points will be awarded. One bonus point per try scored, up to 5, will be awarded to a team and on each occasion it loses a League game by 10 points or less. (20 points or less for games verses the Top 3 teams (Division 1))
  5. If a game is called off for weather, it shall be deemed a draw and the teams awarded 2 points each. If the ‘away’ team have a pitch suitable for play then the game must be switched.
  6. If, at the end of the season any Clubs have the same number of League points, the league positions shall be determined firstly the higher number of wins. If the teams have the same number of wins then the league position will be decided by the difference between match points ‘for’ and ‘against’. Should two Clubs have the same number of League points and an equal number of wins and the same match points difference, the Club having scored more try bonus points. If this still does not establish the positions then the Clubs involved shall be ranked according to the number of matches won, excluding the first League match of the season. If necessary this process shall be extended to exclude the second match, third match and so on until the final positions are established.
  7. Kick off times to be arranged by participating clubs.
  8. Any bona fide member of a club shall be eligible to play in league matches. A player who has played for the 1st XV is eligible to play for the 2nd XV the following week and thereafter, providing that his 1st XV have a game on that same weekend. No club shall be allowed to play any member or members of another club in order to strengthen their own team for league matches. The exception to this rule may apply to front row players only, who with the permission of the opposition club, may be brought in when that club has insufficient such players, to allow a game to go ahead. In the case of any particular hardship arising from this Rule, application may be made to the League Secretary.
  9. Up to six replacements are allowed in any game, one (preferably two) of those replacements must be capable of playing in the front row. Rolling substitutions are allowed in all games.
  10. Before a game commences if there is a shortage of front row players, the game starts with uncontested scrums, and four league points will be awarded to the team with the full compliment. Should the team unable to field a front row win the match they will receive 2 points and any bonus points that may be won. If a game goes into uncontested scrums after the start normal rules apply. All games involved in uncontested scrums must be reported to the League Secretary.
  11. The appointment of the referees will be made by the home club through their local Referees Society.
  12. Any side unable to fulfil a fixture for any reason other than the weather forfeits the game, except under exceptional circumstances and agreed by the committee. Exceptional requests must be submitted to the Leagues Secretary at least 30 days in advance.

13a. If you have at least 12 players you must travel and the game will be play with equal numbers. ie, 12 v 12, 13 v 13 or 14 v 14. These smaller sided games will be played as normal competitive games. The normal uncontested scrum rules still apply.

13b. If both teams agree players can be given to the opposition to make it back up to 15 v 15 or the rest of the players will be rolling subs.

  1. If a team cries off the game on match day, the opposition can claim £25 of the bond to cover costs.
  2. Where a Club does not fulfil its away fixture, it must forego its home fixture and travel away to play the opposition.
  3. Score must be checked with the referee. Both sides will be responsible for reporting the results to the League Secretary and must be received by Sunday 6.00pm. It can be done by text, telephone, fax or e mail. Continually failing to send in results by either side could involve a £10 penalty. Further offences will involve the deduction of points or expulsion from the league. Fines will be taken from the bond and which will need to be topped up if necessary before the following season.
  4. In the event that the Committee become aware that a member club has materially misled or deceived them to gain an advantage the Committee reserves the right to impose such disciplinary action as they deem fit including expulsion from the league. All complaints received by the Leagues Secretary re conduct of other teams/clubs must be in writing and received within 10 days of the incident/s occurring. Such complaints must be accompanied by documentary evidence including any referee’s report and written statements from officers of the complainant club. On receipt of the complaint the Secretary shall forward details of the complaint to the club the subject of the complaint, who shall respond within seven days. The Committee shall then issue their findings within 10 days. If the club is dissatisfied with the decision of the Committee they may then appeal against such decision.
  5. Should a team wish to appeal against a decision of the Committee notice of the appeal must be forwarded to the League Secretary within 7 days of the Committee decision. The matter will then be considered by a panel appointed by the Northumberland Competitions Committee.

Note 1.
All results and tables will be posted on the league website. Results will also be posted on twitter, @CandyLeague.

Clubs must take their own copy for publication on notice boards from the website. (“”).

Note 2.
The contact details for the League Secretary are Craig Johnston (07525 614337, 01434 607696) or